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Available in the
Mac App Store.

Latest version: 4.4

Requires Mac OS X 10.6

15 days trial version

Your tasks easy and synchronized con Evernote!


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Save time and install order organizing your tasks with Onlytasks.
Onlytasks allows you, with little effort, sort, classify and prioritize your tasks easily and conveniently.

In addition to the book where it is situated and its title, each task can have due date, notes and
tags; this allows you to focus on tasks and eliminate unnecessary and superficial information.

Onlytasks for iPhone allows synchronization with an Evernote account so you can also edit your
tasks from Evernote and always have a backup of your data. (See bellow for information about
keywords that Onlytasks used to identify data in Evernote notes).

News, updates, reflections, etc. about Onlytasks in my blog...

Create and edit tasks

Set due dated

Add & remove tags ...

Dated view for your tasks

Notebooks view for your tasks

How Onlytasks syncronize with Evernote:

Onlytasks consider every single Evernote note as a task, it uses the note title as the task title and the note content to store the task due date, if the task is completed and the task's notes. It does so with three keywords:

Due date with:

.DT.yyyy-MM-dd for USA, China and Japan or

.DT.dd-MM-yyyy for the rest of countries.

Complete task with .OTDONE..

Task's notes with .OTONotes.<your text notes here>.OTCNotes..

Onlytasks is not related in any way with © Evernote Corporation.

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Thanks and be very happy.